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Tech Worker Disabilities

Disabilities Unique to the Technology Industry

When we think about dangerous jobs, the first thoughts that come to mind are logging workers, aircraft pilots, roofers, police and other safety officers, etc.  We do not think about a computer as an occupational hazard, but as the technology industry grows, so does the number of related workplace injuries.  As a tech worker, you are at higher risk for developing certain injuries, including musculoskeletal disorders, repetitive stress injuries, neck and back pain, and many forms of headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Treatment and proper care may be able to thwart permanent damage, but these injuries sometimes cause permanent disabilities if they prevent you from being able to work several hours a day at a computer.

Disability Benefits for the Injured Tech Employee

Many employers in the tech industry purchase group disability insurance for their workers.  These benefits provide valuable income replacement benefits in the event that you lose your ability to work in your own occupation.  What is sometimes difficult about tech-related industries is pinpointing the exact disabling event since these injuries are progressive in nature.

Many tech workers complain of various conditions, including impaired vision; several forms of headachesneck and back paincarpal tunnel syndrome, and repetitive strain injuries (“RSI”).  Problematically, tech workers tend to get temporary pains — such as injuring joints in their hands and wrists, back pain, and headaches — but due to the substantial pressures and culture of overwork in tech, they do not get the time needed to recover.  When that happens, these temporary injuries worsen and become severe chronic pains.  People who have chronic pain often develop depression and anxiety.  As a tech worker, if you have already found yourself in this position, do not lose hope.  Your employer may have a disability policy that can provide you with income while you spend the time you need to recover.

How We Help Tech Workers Secure Their Income

As Bay Area ERISA attorneys, the team at Roberts Disability Law, P.C. has gained considerable expertise in representing tech workers in claims for short-term and long-term disability benefits.  We understand how your disabling conditions occur and how to prove that they prevent you from performing long hours of repetitive tasks in a stationary position.  Appealing a denied disability claim is a massive amount of work, and the last thing you need to do when recovering from a severe injury is to spend hours behind a computer trying to prove your entitlement to benefits.  We take the stress away so you can heal.


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