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High Quality ERISA Disability Lawyers Serving Workers in Belmont, California

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that provides important legal protections to American workers. Specifically, ERISA regulates many employee benefits plans, including a large number of group health plans. If you are disabled, you may be entitled to compensation under your ERISA plan.

Unfortunately though, many people have trouble getting their ERISA disability claim paid in full. At Roberts Disability Law, P.C., our aggressive Belmont ERISA disability lawyers help claimants fight back. If your disability claim was denied, you need to take action to protect your rights. Please contact us today to get immediate assistance with your case.

Understanding the Basics of ERISA Disability Claims Procedure

If you are preparing an ERISA disability claim in Belmont, California, it is imperative that you have a general understanding of ERISA claims procedure. As ERISA standardizes the claims and appeals process, you can be sure that the insurance company has seen many other cases similar to that of your own. Unfortunately, the insurance company will use this knowledge and institutional experience to try to find ways to limit your recovery. To protect your rights, you need to be prepared for what you are going to face. Before you file an ERISA claim, there are three important things that you need to know:

  • Try to get it right the first time: First and foremost, it is well worth it to put the time into making sure that you get your initial claim right. Ideally, your application will be accepted by the insurer, and your claim will be paid without any trouble. By putting in the time to properly prepare your claim, you can increase your chances of immediate success.
  • You have 180 calendar days to appeal: Should your disability claim be denied, you will have exactly 180 calendar days to file your appeal. Do not miss this deadline. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to call an ERISA lawyer as soon as you get a denial letter.  
  • You must exhaust your administrative remedies: Finally, you must exhaust all of your administrative remedies before you can file an ERISA disability lawsuit. This means that your first appeal will be submitted directly to the insurance company. ERISA litigation can be lengthy. Our law firm’s goal is to help you avoid it entirely. We want to get your claim paid without ever filing a lawsuit.

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At Roberts Disability Law, P.C., our Belmont ERISA lawyers have helped many disabled California workers obtain their benefits. If you believe that your ERISA disability benefits were wrongly denied or underpaid, please call us today at (510) 230-2090 to schedule a free review of your legal case.

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