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Employers have many means of attracting employees, and some of the most important are the benefits they offer. While your employer is required to cover you in relation to accidents and injuries on the job, which is accomplished through workers’ compensation insurance, benefits are perks that employers aren’t required to offer. Employers often turn to benefits as a way of securing and maintaining valuable employees, and those who do so are bound by the legal requirements included in ERISA. 

If you have questions or concerns about your benefits claim, seek the skilled legal guidance of an experienced ERISA attorney near San Francisco.


ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and it is responsible for overseeing the benefits that many employers choose to provide their employees. The goal is the protection of employee rights, and the kind of rules and regulations that are addressed include matters like the following:

  • The funding of employee benefits
  • The vesting of employees
  • The information disclosure requirements in relation to the benefit
  • The requirements regarding minimum employee eligibility

Trustees who must adhere to ERISA requirements are responsible for administering employment benefits. 

Your Benefits Claim

The larger the employer, the more benefits they can generally afford to provide. Benefits can come in many different forms, but some of the most common include the following:

  • Long-term disability coverage
  • Long-term care coverage
  • Severance packages 
  • Retirement benefits
  • Benefits related to childcare assistance
  • Legal services

As an employee, you count on these benefits being there for you when you need them, and when the time comes, you’ll proceed with filing a claim. If your claim is denied or severely limited, however, it may amount to an ERISA issue.

Appealing Your Claim Denial

If your benefits claim is denied, timely action is required, and it’s important to know that you have the right to appeal the denial. Often, denials are based on insufficient information, but there may be more to it than that. The insurance company handling your claim is focused on making money, which means it’s invested in making the claims process as challenging as possible. In other words, the insurance company is not exactly on your side – even though it’s paid specifically to cover your claim and others like it. 

How Your ERISA Attorney Can Help

Your practiced ERISA attorney knows how to draft an appeals letter that cuts to the heart of the matter. This involves carefully correlating all the available evidence with the details of your claim – in laser-sharp pursuit of the benefits you were denied. Your well-constructed appeals letter and the documents that back it up can go a long way toward convincing the involved insurance company to reconsider its position. 

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