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ERISA refers to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and it is designed to protect employees regarding employment-related benefits, such as retirement packages and long-term disability coverage. Employers are under no obligation to offer such benefits, but when they choose to do so, they are required to abide by the federal rules and regulations addressed by ERISA. If you have an employment-related benefit claim that’s been denied, you shouldn’t wait to consult with an experienced ERISA lawyer near San Francisco


Employers pay their employees to work for them and are required to carry workers’ compensation coverage on them. In addition, employers compete for valuable employees by offering benefits that go above and beyond what’s required of them. Once an employer chooses to offer such benefits, they are responsible for following through with the legal ramifications of this decision. In other words, employers can’t lure workers into employment with an array of enticing benefits that they fail to stand behind. 

ERISA Requirements

ERISA implements important benefits-related requirements that address all the following:

  • The vesting of employees in relation to the benefit
  • Rules and regulations regarding benefit funding
  • Rules and regulations regarding information disclosure
  • Rules and regulations regarding minimum eligibility requirements for employees

Employee benefits plans must be administered by trustees, and ERISA oversees their related activities. 

The Kinds of Benefits Commonly Covered by ERISA

ERISA addresses many of the private benefits that employers offer, including all the following:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Severance packages 
  • Childcare assistance
  • Long-term disability coverage
  • Add-ons for medical coverage, such as mental health care 
  • Legal services

These benefits can be very valuable to employees, and when a claim is denied, it can feel like a promise the employer failed to keep. If this is the difficult situation you find yourself in, it’s important to know that a trusted ERISA lawyer can help. 

If Your Benefits Claim Is Denied

If the benefits claim you file is denied, you have the right to follow up with an appeal, which begins with a highly detailed appeal letter carefully outlining the benefits that you are entitled to but were denied – as supported by the exhaustive evidence included. Your seasoned ERISA lawyer will persuasively argue in defense of your claim – in pursuit of the benefits you’re owed.  

An Experienced ERISA Lawyer near San Francisco Can Help

You rely upon your employer to come through with the benefits that you accepted as part of your pay package, and having a claim that should have been covered but wasn’t can be a serious setback. The focused ERISA lawyers at Roberts Disability Law, P.C. – proudly serving the San Francisco area – appreciate the serious nature of your situation and are committed to pouring the full force of their impressive experience and legal insight into pursuing a favorable claim resolution that supports your rights as an employee. 

Your claim is important, so please don’t wait to reach out by contacting us for more information about what we can do to help you today.

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