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Life insurance is an important tool that allows us to continue supporting our loved ones financially when we are no longer there to support them ourselves. Life insurance can provide policyholders with the considerable peace of mind that comes from knowing their survivors are covered, and it’s important they know that their life insurance policies will do what they are intended to do. When a beneficiary faces a life insurance claim denial, an experienced life insurance claims attorney in San Jose can help. 

Alleged Misrepresentation

Life insurance companies have two years from the issuance of a life insurance policy (known as the contestability period) to deny a claim for information that it deems to be misrepresentative – whether due to oversight, error, or fraudulence. After this contestability period, the life insurance company cannot deny the claim for erroneous information unless it can prove fraudulence on the part of the policyholder. The kind of misrepresentation that can lead to denied claims (or that can void policies altogether) includes the following:

  • The age of the policyholder
  • The medical history of the policyholder
  • The policyholder’s identifying information

The fact is that life insurance policies can be exceptionally challenging to complete correctly, and mistakes can be made – often as a result of ambiguous instructions and overall wording. If your claim has been denied for misrepresentation, discuss protecting your rights with a dedicated life insurance attorney. 

The Legal Rules that Apply to Your Claim

When it comes to life insurance claims in the State of California, there are several important legal rules that apply, including:

  • Timely Claims – Life insurance companies are required to pay beneficiaries promptly, and failure to do so can lead to legal penalties. If the life insurance claim is not settled within 30 days, the insurance company may be required to cover interest on the payout. 
  • Payment Grace Period – While policyholders are obviously required to pay their monthly premiums, their policies cannot be canceled, and coverage cannot be denied for payments that are considered reasonably late. This means that policyholders have 30 days from the due date in which to make their payments (before the insurance company can take action). 
  • Free Looks Allowed – California residents who purchase life insurance have 10 days from the date of purchase to back out of the transaction and to be fully refunded for all premiums that have already been paid. No financial penalties can be exacted for backing out of a policy during this free look period. 

An Experienced Life Insurance Claims Attorney in San Jose Is on Your Side

Your loved one made the responsible choice and purchased life insurance that lists you as a beneficiary, and if your claim is denied at this difficult juncture, it can be especially challenging. The compassionate life insurance claims attorneys at Roberts Disability Law, P.C., in San Jose recognize the gravity of your situation and are well equipped to skillfully advocate for your claim’s most favorable resolution. For more information about how we can help, please don’t wait to contact us today.  

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