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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) governs life insurance policies and distributions offered to employees through their benefits plan. While insurance companies are supposed to distribute funds for legitimate claims, they will find any excuse or loophole not to. When a person opts for life insurance, they do so with the intent that their family will be able to access the benefits. 

Surviving family members are already facing the grieving process of such an immeasurable loss and now having to contend with an insurance claim denial. The last thing any party would imagine is that there would be a contentious legal battle. Roberts Disability Law, P.C. is well versed with circumstances just like yours, and we are here to protect your rights. 

Life Insurance Claim Denials

A frequent reason for a life insurance claim denial is alleged suicide. Another common reason the insurance company will use is that the deceased insured contributed to their death somehow. They will allege that the insured was participating in dangerous or illegal activities at the time of their death. The third common denial reason an insurance company uses is alleging that the deceased was dishonest about their medical condition when they applied for a policy. An attorney will need the following evidence to dispute a claim denial:

  • Medical history 
  • Diagnostic records
  • Member numbers, claim numbers, and service dates
  • Lab work, test results, and radiology report copies
  • Physician letters regarding the health of the deceased

The life insurance claims attorneys San Francisco has through the city are familiar with these sneaky insurance tactics. Our firm will work to prove that the deceased was not dishonest and that the life insurance claim is valid. 

Evaluating a Claim

Determining who is eligible for benefits is also essential in the benefits claims process. It will be necessary to have the following documentation to evaluate if you can claim life insurance benefits:

  • The insurance policy
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Divorce papers or court orders, if applicable
  • Communications between other named claimants in the policy 
  • Communications with the insurance company 

While an insurance company can deny a claim for several reasons, they can approve the claim but deny a particular claimant of benefits. There are also instances where several claimants are fighting amongst themselves to obtain benefits. 

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Insurance companies make a profit every time they deny a claim. They will do anything to keep their money and deny legitimate claims. This denial process can begin from the movement the insurance manager offers you life insurance. An agent may make legitimate or illegitimate mistakes on your application to sell the policy, knowing it will be denied if the unthinkable happens. 

The attorneys at Roberts Disability Law, P.C., have a focus on ERISA life insurance claims. If you are the beneficiary in these cases, we will work to ensure you have access to the benefits your loved one left you upon their passing. Our attorneys will assess your case and determine the best legal approach. Submit our contact form to discuss your case with experienced San Francisco life insurance claims attorneys.

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