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Long Term Disability Denial Lawyer Bay Area

The long term disability denial lawyers at Roberts Disability Law, P.C. are passionate, results-driven representatives for disabled individuals and their families. We have helped thousands of clients recover millions in benefits from insurers. Let us help you move forward with your life. To get a free, comprehensive review of your long term disability denial, please call our Bay Area attorneys today. 

Long Term Disability Claim Denied in the Bay Area? What You Must Know

The unfortunate reality is that insurance companies deny many meritorious long term disability claims. Still, that does not mean you are out of luck. The insurer does not make the final decision on your benefits. Whether your claim is regulated by federal law (ERISA) or California state law, you can appeal a disability denial. Here are four things to know: 

  • You should receive a written LTD disability denial letter from the insurance company;
  • You must appeal by the date listed on the denial letter (180 days for ERISA claims); 
  • The initial appeal is typically an administrative appeal, sent directly to the insurer; and
  • A Bay Area disability denial attorney can help you put together a compelling appeal. 

Why Choose the Disability Denial Lawyers at Roberts Disability Law, P.C.?

If you received a disability denial letter, you still have options available. Do not give up on pursuing the financial benefits that are due to you. At Roberts Disability Law, P.C., we are ready to hit the ground running on your case. Among other things, our Bay Area long term disability attorneys will: 

  • Conduct a free, comprehensive evaluation of your case;
  • Gather the evidence and information you need to appeal; and
  • Take all necessary steps to get you the best outcome. 

Your case should be handled with personal time, care, and attention. With a record of success in disability claims, we represent clients on contingency. You will never pay out of your own pocket. Our law firm only recoups legal fees when we win your LTD case. 

Call Our Bay Area Long Term Disability Denial Attorneys for Help

The Bay Area long term disability denial lawyers of Roberts Disability Law, P.C. have helped thousands of people like you get monetary relief from big insurance companies. If your LTD benefits were turned down, we will help. Contact our firm right away for a no-cost, no-commitment consultation. We provide long term disability services throughout the entire Bay Area, including in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Mountain View, Berkeley, and Daly City. 

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