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Imagine that you are walking your dog in the morning before work, and you get hit by a car. Suddenly, you are heading to the hospital in an ambulance instead of into the office. You hear the news that you suffered a disabling injury that will keep you from your job for a long time. How will you provide for your family? This is where long-term disability (LTD) insurance in California can help you, and many people have this coverage through their employers. 

LTD coverage should provide part of your wage replacement if you suffer a debilitating illness or injury and cannot work. Unfortunately, many long-term disability insurance companies may try to complicate the claim process or even deny you benefits unfairly. 

If this happens to you, the long-term disability law firm in San Francisco of Roberts Disability Law, P.C., is ready to fight for your rights. 

Long-Term Disability Insurance Overview

LTD replaces part of your income if you are severely hurt or suffer a disabling illness. LTD is different from short-term disability, as it provides ongoing benefits if you cannot work for some time – often longer than a year or until retirement age. 

Many qualifying events may make you eligible for long-term disability. Common events include chronic pain, treatments for cancer, or any serious injury or illness that affects you for longer than short-term benefits would cover. 

LTD benefits start after the waiting period dictated in your policy and should provide a portion of the income you previously earned – until you can work again or sometimes until retirement age. 

Can A Disability Insurance Company Deny LTD Benefits?

Yes. Below are common ways long-term disability insurance companies deny benefits. If this happens, a long-term disability law firm in San Francisco should be contacted immediately. 

Insufficient Medical Evidence

The way to ensure you receive your LTD benefits is to have plenty of medical evidence of your injuries or illness. One way to do this is to attend every medical treatment your doctor schedules. It is challenging to receive LTD benefits if you skip doctor’s appointments. 

The insurance company will expect you to visit your doctor and any specialist appointments. For example, you should see a psychologist or psychiatrist if you have a disabling mental health issue. If it’s a physical issue, you should see your doctor and have regular exams or diagnostic tests documenting the state of your condition.

Inadequate Medical Records

Some LTD claims are denied because of insufficient medical evidence. It could be because the insurance company did not obtain all your records. Your attorney will ensure that the disability insurance company receives all the evidence needed to approve your claim. 

Weak Doctor’s Statement

Your LTD benefits depend on a strong doctor’s statement about your injuries and how they prevent you from working. If the doctor does not provide a strong statement, we can assist you in finding a doctor who will accurately represent your limitations.

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If you have an illness or injury and have been denied long-term disability, there is hope. Roberts Disability Law P.C. helps injured clients in San Francisco with long-term disability claims. Please contact one of our San Francisco disability attorneys today for assistance.

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