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Representing Mountain View Workers With Disabilities Unique to the Technology Sector

Home to Google, Linkedin, Mozilla and a host of other top technology companies, Mountain View is one of the leading cities for tech workers in the United States. While working in the tech sector is not a traditionally “dangerous” profession, employees are subject to long hours and unique risks of developing many different types of disabling conditions that can keep a person off the job. If you are unable to earn a living due to your disability, our experienced Mountain View tech worker disability lawyers have the skills and experience needed to help you prove your entitlement to benefits under your employer’s group benefits plan.

A Common Challenge in Tech Employee Disability Cases

Many tech workers develop disabling conditions slowly, after spending many hours working diligently behind a computer screen. Repetitive trauma injuries (RTIs), such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis, can be so severe that they prevent a person from being able to work at a computer at all. Yet, these injuries are also difficult to “pinpoint”. They often ebb and flow, and workers may take time off to recover, then come back to the job, only to have the condition reappear, far worse than it was before. This can make long term disability claims more complicated, as insurance companies are often looking for excuses to delay, deny or reduce benefits. Our firm has a full understanding of how a tech worker’s disabling condition can occur in this manner, and we know what needs to be done to prove that it will prevent you from working so that you can recover your benefits.  

What You Need to Know About ERISA Governed Plans

Many, but certainly not all, tech companies offer group insurance plans that are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This federal regulation sets up minimum legal requirement for these plans. The legal rules are designed to ensure that these plans are safe, secure and fair to the beneficiaries. For example, some of the requirements include the following:

  • Full disclosures regarding plan features and plan funding;
  • Clear minimum participation standards;
  • Legal accountability for the parties managing the policy; and
  • Basic process rights for plan participants; and
  • The right to file an internal appeal and lawsuit, should a claim be denied.  

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At Roberts Disability Law, P.C., we are committed to helping Northern California tech workers fight for their full and fair disability benefits. If you are a Mountain View tech worker whose disability claim has been rejected, please contact our team today to schedule a free, no obligation review of your claim.

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