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Your loved one has carried life insurance for more than a decade. There is no question about the nature of their death. The insurance company is a company with a good reputation. There is no reason why your benefits should not be paid out.

Yet, that is exactly what’s happened. For whatever reason, the insurance company has decided to deny your claim. When your life insurance claim has been denied, contact Oakland life insurance claims attorneys at Roberts Disability Law, P.C.

Reasons For Denials Of Claims

If insurance companies had to choose between accepting premiums and paying out claims, they would choose accepting premiums. Insurance companies are businesses that will always put a dollar before integrity.

There are several reasons that insurance companies will use to deny your life insurance claims. These reasons include the following: failing to pay premiums on time and deaths outside the scope of coverage.

Failing To Pay Premiums On Time

This is one of the most common reasons used. Insurance companies will not pay out benefits if the policyholder has failed to pay their scheduled premiums. There are situations where the policyholder allows their policy to end and does not inform their beneficiaries.

Deaths Outside The Scope Of Coverage

Another reason insurance companies use is that the policyholder’s death falls outside the policy’s coverage. Insurance companies will use this reason if there is a question surrounding the timing of the policyholder’s death.

Some life insurance policies have a contestability period where insurance companies can question certain circumstances about the policyholder’s death. For example, insurance companies will deny a claim if the policyholder committed suicide or died while doing something illegal. These reasons are usually not covered under certain life insurance policies.

The Contestability Period

The time that your loved one’s life insurance policy becomes effective matters. If your loved one dies around the first two years that their life insurance policy is effective, the insurance company has the right to contest your loved one’s death. This is what the contestability period is.

During this period, the insurance company can investigate the nature of your loved one’s death and use the information to deny coverage. That means they can look into your loved one’s records to find information to refuse to pay out your benefits. This contestability period lasts between two to three years.

They can examine your loved one’s criminal history, medical records, and other confidential records to contest your loved one’s life insurance policy. Speak with an Oakland life insurance claims attorney today.

Claim Misrepresentation

Insurance companies will also deny a life insurance claim if it contains information that is found to be false. False information can be withholding information about a smoking habit or a pre-existing health condition.

Insurance companies would use that information to deny their claims if the policyholder misrepresented their age, treatments for minor ailments, or income.

How Can Roberts Disability Law, P.C. Get Your Life Insurance Claim Paid?

Our attorneys focus almost exclusively on ERISA law and can help you obtain life insurance benefits for the rightful beneficiaries. Contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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