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Did you file a life insurance claim and receive a denial? If the coverage was provided through an employer benefit plan, appealing the denial can be a complicated and daunting process. It is important that you seek help from a San Francisco life insurance claim lawyer from Roberts Disability Law, P.C., as soon as possible. 

Life Insurance Coverage Under ERISA

Many people have life insurance coverage through their employers, and they expect beneficiaries to receive proper proceeds if the policyholder passes away. Beneficiaries might include a spouse, close family members, a business partner, or others who would benefit from financial support following the death. 

When employers offer group plans for life insurance and other benefits, these plans fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, known as ERISA. Unfortunately, the complex rules and restrictions of ERISA make appealing a life insurance claim denial even more complicated than it already would be.  

When you are dealing with a tragic loss, receiving a claim denial can be devastating. The last thing you need is to then try to navigate the complex waters of ERISA to appeal the denial. This is where our experienced ERISA life insurance lawyers come in. 

Appealing Your Life Insurance Denial

There are different reasons why an insurance company might deny a claim for life insurance benefits. The company might claim that how the death occurred, such as by suicide, is excluded from the coverage. They can also claim that the policy was obtained based on misrepresentations by the deceased, so the coverage is no longer available. Companies might find snippets of information to support such a denial, but it still means that claimants must follow appeal procedures.

Such procedures are complicated, and they involve:

  • Appealing directly with the insurance company and obtaining a final denial before you have other options. 
  • Filing a claim in federal court but only being able to present the existing life insurance file as the record for the court to consider. 

These requirements under ERISA make it challenging to get anywhere fast with your life insurance appeal, and this is especially true if you are trying to handle the process on your own. More often than not, handling an appeal without professional guidance means you are permanently denied the life insurance benefits you would otherwise deserve. 

Instead of risking your financial stability, you should never wait to contact a law firm that handles ERISA claims and life insurance denials. We can review the specific reasons for the denial and determine how to best build the record to get the denial overturned. 

Consult with a San Francisco Life Insurance Claim Lawyer

Often, having a lawyer help with an initial claim can increase your chances of approval. If you receive a denial of a claim you filed on your own, never delay in seeking legal assistance. There are strict deadlines and procedures that Roberts Disability Law, P.C. knows how to follow for your best chances of approval. Contact us to discuss your claim and how we might help. 

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