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We purchase life insurance to afford us the peace of mind that comes from knowing our loved ones will have the financial help they need when we’re no longer here. Life insurance is an important financial tool that allows purchasers to maintain financial support for their family members into the future. When life insurance policies lead to concerns that weren’t bargained for at the time of purchase, and throughout the years of making payments, it can lead to financial setbacks for beneficiaries. 

If you’re a beneficiary whose life insurance claim has been denied, seek the skilled legal guidance of a San Francisco life insurance claim lawyer

Alleged Misrepresentation

Once a life insurance policy is issued, there is a two-year contestability period. It’s during this time frame that life insurance companies can deny claims based on information that it deems misrepresentative of the facts. Such misrepresentation can be based on any of the following factors:

  • The purchaser’s oversight
  • The purchaser’s error
  • The purchaser’s intentional fraudulence 

Once this period of contestability has elapsed, the life insurance company can no longer deny claims based on either error or oversight. If, however, the purchaser was fraudulent in their purchase of the policy, which – in this context – means including misinformation for the purpose of personal financial gain, the insurance company may be able to deny the claim outright at any time. 

The kind of information that is most likely to be called into question regarding misrepresentation includes all the following:

  • The age of the insured
  • The identifying information of the insured
  • The medical history of the insured

Life Insurance Forms

Purchasing life insurance is an arduous process that tends to be both lengthy and complicated, and it isn’t uncommon for applicants to make accidental errors along the way. In fact, life insurance forms are known for being difficult to follow and include instructions that are less than clear. In other words, a lot can go wrong, and having the skilled legal guidance of a dedicated life insurance claim lawyer in your corner is always advised. 

The Legalities

California has several regulations that apply to life insurance claims, including:

  • After purchasing life insurance, policyholders have ten days from the date of signing to change their minds and receive full refunds. This is called the free look period, and you can’t be penalized for taking advantage of it.  
  • Policyholders are entitled to 30 days of grace before their payments are considered officially past due. While making prompt payments is critical, the process has some wiggle room built in.
  • When beneficiaries make valid life insurance claims, the claims must be paid within 30 days of receipt. Insurance companies that fail to meet this requirement can face both fines and penalties. 

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