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Getting a long-term disability insurance approval is a complex process. Simple mistakes can derail your claim and leave you unable to pay your bills. What will you do if you cannot work and pay your mortgage and other expenses? 

The good news is that it is not a secret how to get a long-term disability claim approved. Even if your claim is denied, an experienced San Francisco long-term disability attorney can help you come out on top. 

Below are some of the most frequent reasons long-term disability claims are denied and how to overcome them. Please contact the San Francisco long-term disability lawyers at Roberts Disability Law, P.C., if you need assistance. 

Understanding The Definition Of Disability

Many people don’t understand how disability is defined in their long-term disability policy. However, all insurance policies have a detailed definition, which is an essential part of your claim. 

There are usually two definitions of disability that you may see in your policy: 

  • Your occupation: Can you perform the tasks of your specific job? 
  • Any occupation: Can you perform the tasks of any job? 

Sometimes the ‘any occupations’ definition features a ‘gainful component.’ This refers to whether you can do the tasks of a job that includes a percentage of the earnings you had before your disability. 

Your long-term disability insurance may have both definitions. If that’s the case, the ‘own occupation’ definition often changes to ‘any occupation’ after two to four years. Therefore, it is critical to understand how your insurance policy defines disability, and you need to show you meet it for your claim to be approved. 

Missing Deadlines

Your insurance company will request evidence and documentation during the claim and appeal. Every request has a submission deadline. Please remember to submit the asked for proof on time, or your claim will be denied. 

Not Communicating Effectively With Physicians

Keeping solid, open communication with your treating physician during the claims process is vital. This ensures that your medical records reflect how your disability is faring. Unfortunately, some claimants don’t want to talk about their medical issues with their doctor. 

If you don’t talk to your doctor about your symptoms and progress, they cannot update your records. Telling your doctor that your back ‘feels ok’ when it’s killing you will not help your disability case. Be upfront with your doctor about how you feel to ensure your condition is reflected in the medical record. 

Contact Our San Francisco Long-Term Disability Lawyers Today

If your long-term disability claim has been denied, you face economic uncertainty and stress. How will you pay your bills if you can’t work? Fortunately, you can rely on an experienced San  Francisco long-term disability lawyer who knows how to win your appeal. 

The San Francisco long-term disability attorneys at Roberts Disability Law, P.C., will strive to get your claim paid without filing a federal lawsuit. However, winning an appeal is more than just writing a letter and stating your disagreement. Our attorneys know the evidence that is needed to get your claim approved. Please contact our long-term disability attorneys today so we can help.

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