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San Francisco Disability Attorneys Representing Workers in Tech Industry

It is no secret that the Bay Area is the center of America’s burgeoning tech industry. According to reporting from Forbes Magazine, the San Francisco metro area leads the country in total tech jobs created in 2017. While there is no doubt that the tech sector is great for our economy, the industry can put a strain on many workers.

Tech employees are often forced to put in long, hard hours, usually hunched over, behind a computer screen. Working in these conditions for a long period of time can result in employees developing many different types of disabilities and conditions. At Roberts Disability Law, P.C., our San Francisco tech employee disability lawyers fight hard to help affected workers recover full benefits under their company’s insurance plan.

Common Challenges in Tech Worker Disability Claims

To recover benefits under your employer’s group disability plan, you will need to prove that you have a qualifying disability. In some cases, doing so can be far more difficult than it appears on the surface level. Specifically, this is often a major issue in tech worker disability cases. The reason for this is that tech workers disproportionately develop gradual, repetitive stress conditions. Insurance companies tend to be more skeptical of these types of claims. As such, it is imperative that disabled tech employees work with a qualified disability lawyer who knows how to handle these types of claims.  

Was Your San Francisco Disability Claim Denied?

You need to know exactly why that denial was issued. Under federal regulations, the responsible insurance company is required to send a written letter that clearly articulates the precise reasoning behind the insurer’s decision. You need to get this denial letter to your San Francisco tech worker disability rights lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to review the letter and determine exactly what you need to do next so that that you can recover the benefits you need to move forward with your life. A short-term or long term disability claim can be rejected for many different reasons, including:

  • Mistakes on the application;
  • Alleged dishonesty in the application process;
  • The applicant’s failure to follow doctor’s orders;
  • The failure to provide adequate medical evidence;
  • The failure to properly connect the condition to the applicant’s ability to continue working;
  • A mistake by the insurance company; or
  • Bad faith settlement practices by the insurance company.

We Help Tech Workers Secure Their Benefits

At Roberts Disability Law, P.C., our dedicated ERISA lawyers have extensive experience representing tech workers in disability claims. If your claim was denied, our team is ready to help. To schedule a free, no obligation review of your case, please call our San Francisco office today at (415) 630-5353.

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