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I had submitted a disability claim on my own to UNUM that was denied originally. Two of my doctors indicated that based upon their past experience with patients who initiated disability claims that I might need to seek professional legal representation. A local friend who is an attorney (but who does not specialize in disability law) provided me with the name of Michelle Roberts. I originally spoke with Susan Foley and then forwarded all of my medical history to Michelle Roberts. She reviewed my history in depth and reported back that she felt that I had a strong case and that she was willing to represent me on a contingency basis. I cannot say enough about how impressive Michelle was throughout the process. She is extremely well versed and knowledgeable about the process of handling these types of cases that fall under ERISA guidelines. My particular case was reliant upon what the insurance company deemed subjective symptoms without a firm diagnosis which is often the case with CFS. None the less Michelle was confident in our odds of receiving a favorable decision. Michelle always responded back to me with any communication I requested immediately during the process of our case. Ultimately we ended up suing the insurance company, but prior to going to court we mediated with the insurance company and reached a settlement. I honestly do not think that I would have had a chance of winning my case without the help and support of Michelle Roberts and her team.



Michelle Roberts is the consummate professional. She directed my case with such skill, perseverance and empathy. This is an exceptionally talented attorney. I did not have a large case, but she treated her objective of winning it(which she did!) as if it were. It can’t be easy going up against an industry giant, but she succeeded in negotiating the best possible outcome for me. Michelle had a sense of urgency throughout and communicated every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier or more impressed with Michelle and the entire team. Thank you!



I’m an attorney and needed representation in a difficult disability case. Several attorneys recommended Michelle and it was soon apparent why – she’s amazing! Brilliant legal advice combined with her fighting spirit resulted in winning a difficult case against a large insurance company. 100% solid legal representation.



Michelle Roberts knows more about ERISA LTD matters than anyone else. Before my disabling injury, I was a litigator at a large law firm; I know the difference between the real experts and the rest of the attorneys. Disabled plaintiffs need an expert like Michelle because the insurance companies are playing hardball and don’t care about doing what is right. It comes down to Michelle knowing the law, especially the most recent changes in the law. Also, she truly cares about people. If you get the chance for Michelle to represent you, you are fortunate.


Michelle not only won our case for me, but was totally professional, confidence inspiring, and reassuring. I felt I was in really good hands each step of the way. After it was all over and I was receiving disability benefits, my spouse and I looked back in retrospect and felt strongly that we could not have made a better choice in disability attorney for my case. Strongly recommended!


I had this misfortune of being denied long term disability under a ERISA policy through my former employer. I was terrified I was going to end up on the streets disabled with nowhere to go since the condition put me down from work and I lost my employment as a result. I was fortunate enough to have been referred to Michelle Roberts who quickly took my case after a review and I received a very fast response and request from the firm to take over my case. I was relieved as within a matter of just days she was diligently gathering information from me and my records to properly respond to the insurance carrier, CIGNA. She kept me in the look constantly and always provided me with concise instructions on what to do. She wasn’t just in it for the money she does care about her clients and their well being but if you want to talk money it’s well worth the fee she charges. You’re going to be in excellent hands with someone who knows this law so good she could fight the insurance literally hands tied behind her back. I’ve dealt with two other attorneys prior to her who left me unknown to what they were doing and thankfully I didn’t sign a contract with them they were painfully bad at giving me information and what was going to happen. She made me feel very comfortable knowing that she wasn’t going to stop until right was made from wrong. My case was a bad denial issue and she made it right. I won’t say exactly what she did but you don’t need to know anything other than by time she is through with the insurance company they won’t dare try to take you to court as she will make it where they know they will lose your case against you. Don’t mess with ERISA claims and think you can do this alone. You have only one chance to appeal a denial and after that you cannot submit any more evidence. You’re playing with your life if you do and Michelle knows that. And that’s why you will never regret this endorsement. Pay the money let her do the job. The work that is done is a class act and as I’ve said before she is the bomb! She will be hired for life to handle my claim from now on!!!


I am incredibly grateful for Michelle’s expertise, wisdom and innovative approach in helping me navigate a quite challenging, and emotionally charged legal situation. Not only was she on point, intelligent and progressive, she was also compassionate and empathetic to the specific challenges in my case. I truly believe she had my best interest in mind, both immediate and long term, and advised me accordingly. Michelle spent a lot of time understanding the complex issues, researching the latest information and opinions around the matter, and handled the resolution with the utmost confidence and professionalism. I highly, highly recommend her and would have her be on my team any day. The best!


Michelle is one of the most intelligent, professional to the point person I’ve ever dealt with. She has great listening skills and a gentle way of getting to the root of the issue. As a sales professional for 45 years I could have learned a lot from her.


There’s no question that Michelle is one of the most brilliant lawyers one can have the privilege of working with. She’s a partner and consecutive Super Lawyer, so she’s clearly an amazingly capable attorney. But in my experience, what makes Michelle unique on top of her impressive record is her empathy and passion for helping her clients.

Michelle has been there for me in action (not just words) every step of the way and has been an unshakable stand of advocacy for my rights and benefits, independent of whether there was a guaranteed return, which is a rare attribute for a high-achieving professional.

I completely trust Michelle, and am grateful to her for what she has done for me. If you’re going to work with her, consider yourself lucky, bc that’s the best decision you’ll make for your case.

Mike G., Staff Attorney, Legal Aid at Work

Like nearly all top-flight law firms and lawyers, Michelle has an unwavering commitment to providing legal services to those who need it most. We are grateful that she has been a part of a loyal group of attorney volunteers who lend their expertise to our Workers’ Rights Clinic.

Bill H., AIDS Legal Referral Panel (ALRP) Executive Director

Michelle has been representing clients of the AIDS Legal Referral Panel (ALRP) for many years and, in every instance, she has provided them with the highest quality representation possible. For people living with HIV, who are facing an uphill battle against an insurance company for the income they need to pay their rent each month, Michelle is a true hero. A recent recipient of ALRP’s Volunteer of the Year, Michelle models community service for us all, from serving on ALRP’s Attorney Panel, to serving on ALRP’s Board of Directors, including as its Board Co-Chair, to helping to raise funds at the Castro Street Fair. Michelle represents the very best of the legal community and I can enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for help in ERISA matters.

Mike B.

Approximately 7 years ago, Michelle Roberts successfully resolved my case. Her approach to the situation was professional…Highly effective and very caring. Even after all this time since my case was resolved she still answers any questions I might have and does so promptly. I highly recommend Michelle Roberts to handle your short or long term disability concerns.

Curtiss O.

Michelle Roberts has been my wife’s disability attorney for more than two years and has been a source of honest, responsive, and very effective legal strength to her in a continuing battle to keep her permanent disability benefits intact.

My wife suffers from a disease that is little understood and in fact is totally misunderstood by the medical-insurance complex. As a consequence, her disability insurance carrier spends many thousands of dollars and hours trying to cancel her insurance – insurance she paid for while employed and which she deserves to have without continuous pressure to remove it. The damage this does to her emotionally and physically is tremendous, but as long as her benefits remain intact, she can pay for the many physicians and specialists she sees to try to get better and to keep from having to pay for her expensive treatment out of her savings.

Michelle’s legal advice has always been spot on. When the insurer springs short deadlines that require my wife to gather all her previous medical records and answer lengthy questionnaires that ask the same questions over and over, Michelle responds almost immediately and assists by answering my wife’s questions and by reviewing the documents my wife prepares to submit to the carrier. Michelle knows very well how disability insurers operate and can anticipate their antics and unreasonable demands.

My wife is also subjected to so-called “Independent Medical Evaluations,” by an ethically compromised “physician” at least twice a year. These IME sessions are exhausting. They require a full-day of answering the same questions both orally and in writing in an effort to tire her out and trip her up legally.

Physicians who conduct these phony tests are paid by the requesting insurance company – a glaring conflict of interest – and recently, one declared my wife capable of working. Michelle was there with recommendations for truly objective evaluators that provide objective opinions that stand up against legal that Michelle is familiar with and expects for her clients.

I could go on, but suffice to say that we have never seen a lawyer like Michelle. Her passion for helping vulnerable clients who are outgunned, outnumbered and easily outspent by corporations and insurance companies is rare, even among plaintiff attorneys. I cannot recommend her strongly enough. No string of adjectives could describe what relief and peace of mind she has brought to my wife and to me. It’s really good that she’s in the world because she makes it a more compassionate place.

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