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Michelle Roberts has been my wife’s disability attorney for more than two years and has been a source of honest, responsive, and very effective legal strength to her in a continuing battle to keep her permanent disability benefits intact.

My wife suffers from a disease that is little understood and in fact is totally misunderstood by the medical-insurance complex. As a consequence, her disability insurance carrier spends many thousands of dollars and hours trying to cancel her insurance – insurance she paid for while employed and which she deserves to have without continuous pressure to remove it. The damage this does to her emotionally and physically is tremendous, but as long as her benefits remain intact, she can pay for the many physicians and specialists she sees to try to get better and to keep from having to pay for her expensive treatment out of her savings.

Michelle’s legal advice has always been spot on. When the insurer springs short deadlines that require my wife to gather all her previous medical records and answer lengthy questionnaires that ask the same questions over and over, Michelle responds almost immediately and assists by answering my wife’s questions and by reviewing the documents my wife prepares to submit to the carrier. Michelle knows very well how disability insurers operate and can anticipate their antics and unreasonable demands.

My wife is also subjected to so-called “Independent Medical Evaluations,” by an ethically compromised “physician” at least twice a year. These IME sessions are exhausting. They require a full-day of answering the same questions both orally and in writing in an effort to tire her out and trip her up legally.

Physicians who conduct these phony tests are paid by the requesting insurance company – a glaring conflict of interest – and recently, one declared my wife capable of working. Michelle was there with recommendations for truly objective evaluators that provide objective opinions that stand up against legal that Michelle is familiar with and expects for her clients.

I could go on, but suffice to say that we have never seen a lawyer like Michelle. Her passion for helping vulnerable clients who are outgunned, outnumbered and easily outspent by corporations and insurance companies is rare, even among plaintiff attorneys. I cannot recommend her strongly enough. No string of adjectives could describe what relief and peace of mind she has brought to my wife and to me. It’s really good that she’s in the world because she makes it a more compassionate place.


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